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The real story started in 2000 for a competition. The Princes Trust was supporting a computer games event, one of the entry topics was for a ‘Concept Story’. I wanted to tell a scary Zombie game. My problem, however, was how to make a zombie scary in a different way? My solution was by making them huge like a building and the hero character small, like a cat. I figured that the point of view aspect would add a new perspective in the mix! With cats and zombies ready to do battle, it seemed that Halloween would be a great setting for the story to unfold. Needing to find the perfect bad guy, I researched associated legends and found the myth behind the Jack O’ Lantern, which also, at the time, became the title of the story. Next, who would fight the villain and a reason why they were a cat. I decided on a female character as I believed this would suit a cat best. Once I had this, I then looked for an appropriate name for my character and ‘Fionn’ stood out above any others. Although at the time I was unaware it could be pronounced differently, my first reading of the name was ‘Fee-On’ which felt quite feline in itself, and it stayed with me all the way even after searching many alternatives. Now I had everything, so I submitted my 500 word concept of "Jack O’ Lantern.”

Although I did not win the top spot, I also didn't want to give up on my idea. Over the years I still hope for a computer came to be made with the likes of GamesMaster and Play magazine showing their support by featuring my ideas in their magazines on several occasions. While I await that to happen, I continued with the story which is when I changed the name to 'Tail of a Witch' and began writing the books which are now self published and available to buy as paperback and ebook.
My plans for the future still include the game, I still want to develop the world of 'Tail of a Witch' as far as I can with plans to create and submit a movie screenplay. I've also gained recognition through local paper interviews and Comic-con exhibitions. To everyone who has visited the world I created, thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I have creating it. There will always be more on the way and I hope you enjoy what the future will bring with it.
Many Thanks Paul